Caregivers are individuals who are qualified to care independently for children and the elderly.

There are certain identified eligibility criteria to be met in order to have a Caregiver visa. A past or current work experience as care provider may be considered as relevant experience for this type of visa.

The applicant meets below requirement for Caregivers Program:

  • be in receipt of a valid job offer from an employer who has received a positive LMIA;
  • CLB score of 5 in language level;
  • one year of Canadian post-secondary education or foreign equivalent;
  • ability to speak, read and understand English or French, so that they can work on their own without being supervised and
  • medical, security and criminal clearances

A work experience of at least one year in a caregiving related occupation; 6 months of this experience is required to be with the same employer. The work experience must have been achieved within 3 years prior to filing the application. If you have training, it must have been done in a classroom setting as a full-time student. Related studies include childhood education, geriatric care, first aid, etc.

Employers will be required to apply for and receive a positive LMIA prior to the Caregiver being eligible to apply for a Work Permit under this program.

  • to hire a Canadian by applying for an LMIA through ESDC
  • financially able to support a Caregiver
  • if they are living in, that your home has appropriate space
  • made a job offer that meets the acceptable guidelines

If in case the requirements for permanent residence as a caregiver are not met, a person may be able to work temporarily. If a person currently working in Canada as a caregiver, there is a possibility to extend current work permit through Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).